Who we are

We are a cyber security technology consulting, incident response and applied research company. We focus on services for specialized public service providers, finance industry and corporations with high data sensitivity

Case study

SWIFT assessment for Paystrax


Paystrax is a financial technology company that handles the entire electronic transaction process for merchants selling goods or services across Europe. For easier and more secure ...

Cyber security services

NRD Cyber Security assists organizations with every aspect of cyber security, from building and strengthening cybersecurity operations (CSIRT/SOCs), to advisory, assessment and training.

Organizational cybersecurity

Audits and assessments

We believe that most cyber incidents can be prevented and a thorough assessment is one of the best prevention tools. The security check services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Security risk assessment
  • Compliance assessment and assurance 
  • Cybersecurity maturity assessment
  • Cloud infrastructure security assessment
  • Penetration and vulnerability assessment
  • Business and IT continuity check
  • SWIFT assessment
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Implementation of security solutions

Cybersecurity can be very daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the right technological solutions. We can help you with:

  • Choosing the right security software/hardware
  • CSIRT/SOC establishment and modernization
  • Data visualization and analytical tools for investigations
  • Implementation of ISMS
  • Information and cyber security strategy, policies and procedures

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Cyber security training courses

With a strong, diverse team of professionals - practitioners and a wide range of partners, NRD Cyber Security offers an extensive variety of training on cybersecurity, intelligence, analysis and digital forensics topics. 

We believe that investment in staff skills and competences can create a sustainable and secure environment for the organization.

We follow the tailor-made and hands-on training concept and focus on issues according to the organization’s requirements for specific subjects and timing or where needs have been identified.  Also, we suggest several most popular training courses with predefined topics.

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National cybersecurity capacity building

Cybersecurity capacity building

Security needs to be managed and information security threats have to be recognized, understood, prevented, discovered, mitigated and contained. NRD Cyber Security security management services assist organizations in establishing their own information security management systems or enables them to outsource professional security management services.

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Technology solutions

NRD CS team believes that technology and processes without skills are lost. Thus skills and habits training is a must. We organise Cybersecurity, Intelligence, OSINT, Digital forensics open and specialised trainings.

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We are proud to be the home for some of the brightest individuals in information technology and consulting fields.

  • Dr. Vilius Benetis

    Director of NRD Cyber Security

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  • Romualdas Lečickis

    Director of cybersecurity group

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  • Darius Dulskas

    Director of sales and business development group

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  • Rūta Jašinskienė

    Intelligence analysis expert

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  • Marius Urkis

    CSIRT/SOC Architect

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  • Rimtautas Černiauskas

    Cybersecurity solution architect

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  • Živilė Nečejauskaitė

    Director of marketing and communication

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  • Vytautas Kuliešius

    Information security management and audit expert

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  • Modestas Sadauskas

    Information and cybersecurity expert

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  • Augustinas Daukšas

    Cybersecurity consultant

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  • Dr. Tadas Jakštas

    Cybersecurity capacity building expert

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  • Erika Gečaitė

    CFO NRD Cyber Security

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  • Paulius Daukšas

    Cybersecurity consultant

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