About the course

This training course focuses on the development of professional skills necessary to effective analysis and decision-making. Good decisions are data driven and based on analysis, while an understanding of intelligence analysis cycle and its application in practice are crucial in making them. Such cycle is a complex and dynamic process that includes problem identification or tasking, data collection from different data sources, data collation and evaluation, analysis (as process), publication and dissemination of analysis results and finally - reassessing its impact.


This training course is designed for investigators, analysts, managers and everyone who wants to increase their skills in analysis and decision-making.

After the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain and apply Intelligence analysis cycle in practice;
  • Identify the problem and its root;
  • Apply different analytical techniques in practice;
  • Construct conclusions analytically justified and supported by arguments;
  • Improve presentation of analytical results (products).

Feedback from our recent training sessions

 "It is nice to find specialized training. The information was understandable, specific and useful. Usually I follow the principle that if I take away at least one new thing from a training – it was useful. This training has left me with more than one new thought and idea – therefore I give highest appreciation to you".

"It’s great to work with people who are practicing experts in their field."

"The training was comprehensive and intensive. The information we have received is easily applicable in practice – it will help us to increase our work efficiency."

"The training was very engaging. The information provided encourages further interest in the topics presented as well as practical application of gained theoretical knowledge."

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Rūta Jašinskienė
Intelligence analysis expert
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