About business and IT continuity check

To ensure the functioning of core business processes and IT systems in critical disruptions and to protect your assets, you need to be aware of which of processes and IT systems are critical as well as what would be their recovery time.

Our team of security experts will provide you with a comprehensive business and IT continuity assessment to be ready for any critical disruptions. The assessment is based on international standards, legislation and best practices.

How we do it?

  • Perform business impact analysis;
  • Set RPO (Recovery Point Objective) - the age of files that must be recovered from backup storage for normal operations to resume;
  • Set RTO (Recovery Time Objective) – the target time to recover IT and business activities after a cyber disaster;
  • Evaluate the business continuity processes;
  • Analyze business continuity capacity;
  • Analyze discrepancies and weaknesses according to ISO 22301;
  • Provide a detailed report on areas for attention to ensure business and IT continuity as well as a list of recommendations on how to address them.


  • Ensures compliance with industry standards;
  • Preserves brand value and reputation;
  • Cultivates a resilient organizational culture;
  • Provides valuable business data;
  • Helps mitigate your financial risk;
  • Protects your supply chain;
  • Very likely to give a competitive advantage.

Contact our IT risk and compliance expert Modestas Sadauskas at ms@scdrnlt for more information

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