Currently most of the crimes (both real and digital) are associated with information technology evidence: mobile phones, email messages, pictures, location coordinates, SMS and similar. Therefore, electronic evidence processing and cybercrime investigation becomes ever more complex, more time-consuming and requires more human resources.

Digital evidence can play a decisive role in lawsuits and tip the balance one way or the other. Text messages, emails, photos, video clips can prove the defendant's guilt or vice versa - create an unshakeable alibi. Therefore, not only the speed of the examinations but also the technology and the processes that ensure the authenticity of digital evidence and its chronological and content credibility are extremely important.

Current technology trends require forensic professionals to be comfortable with doing forensics across multiple machines, across different environments. Proliferation of smaller-sized, yet larger-capacity media means that forensic examiners increasingly find themselves handling large and complex data sets. As the volume of digital evidence grows, so does the requirement for sufficient space to archive the cases until they are adjudicated.

Our approach

At NRD Cyber Security, we provide services that enable the law enforcement to keep up with the current technology and crime trends:

  • Resolving forensic investigations faster and more efficiently – with centralized processing, early case assessment, verification processes;
  • Law enforcement analytics and defence intelligence automation;
  • Handling Internet Abuse data;
  • Monitoring social and open internet for crime, fraud, attacks, information warfare, brand/opinion analysis (OSINT);
  • And other.

Key experts

  • Dr. Vilius Benetis

    Position CEO NRD Cyber Security

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  • Darius Dulskas

    Position Director of sales and business development group

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  • Rūta Jašinskienė

    Position Intelligence analysis expert

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  • Support to cybersecurity in Ukraine

    Country Ukraine

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  • Training

    Country Lithuania

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  • Provision of mobile forensic software for Competition Council

    Country Lithuania

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  • Digital forensics capacity building

    Country Lithuania

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  • Set-up and implementation of centralized digital forensic laboratory

    Country Lithuania, Estonia

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