Data 2017 m. gegužės 31 d. - birželio 1 d.

Vieta Briuselis, Belgija

Susitikime mūsų partnerių "Global Forum on Cyber Expertise" konferencijoje "GFCE Annual Meeting 2017"!

NRD CS saugos valdymo ekspertė Akvilė Giniotienė pristatys pranešimą tema „Addresing cyber resilience with a change of mindset“.

Informacija apie konferenciją (anglų kalba):

The GFCE has the ambition to present itself as worldwide cyber capacity building coordinating platform at the upcoming Global Conference on Cyberspace 2017 through the following ambitious deliverables:

  • A global cyber capacity building agenda which reiterates and consolidates identified key priority areas for cyber capacity building with a forward-looking approach. This brings together the role of the GFCE as a knowledge sharing platform, as well as a coordination mechanism.
  • The identification and systematisation of global good practices in the implementation of cyber capacity building actions that would advise and support both GFCE members and the broader international community in the roll-out of their initiatives.

The Annual Meeting is a great opportunity for a constructive and result-oriented consultation over the global agenda and the good practices given that all GFCE members, partners and the Advisory Board will come together and actively engage.

More information: https://gfce-am.gfce-events.com/

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