Technology and processes will not work if skills are absent. NRD Cyber Security is a trusted provider of cyber security, intelligence, OSINT, digital forensics training to public and private sector professionals and specialized organizations.

After every training course we ask our participants to share their impressions – to help us understand how we did and how to make the training even better. Participant evaluations are usually anonymous – to encourage sincere feedback.

Participant testimonials: IBM i2 ANB training for intelligence and law enforcement analysts

  • "Comprehensive, helpful training. The material was presented in a clear, understandable manner, with examples."
  • "I have taken part in several courses on IBM i2 ANB, but this was the only one that was actually interesting and useful."
  • "Excellent training, perfect presentation, elaboration of topics, examples and practical exercises."
  • "The training helped us to increase the application of the i2 ANB two-fold. In the past I used i2 mainly for drawing but now I saw unlimited information analysis and systematisation capabilities."

Participant testimonials: OSINT training for intelligence and law enforcement as well as business organisations

  • "This course should be a part of mandatory personnel training for all Intelligence and law enforcement agencies."
  • "The training was very well-structured and well executed, so it was easy to understand and take-in the provided information. The training was really useful, and the most relevant sources were purposefully selected. I believe this information can be easily applied both in professional and personal activities (e. g. in personal data protection). The trainer was also great, a real expert in the field, he answered all our questions with easily understandable examples. I would strongly recommend this training to others."
  • "A very useful training, I received a lot of concentrated information about information collection and analysis that can help in making decisions in various areas of an organisation. It would be impossible to gather as much information in such a short time on your own”.
  • "Very good, intensive and useful course. This knowledge can be used in various fields such as marketing, personnel selection, due-diligence of suppliers and sub-contractors. It is also necessary for evaluation of various risks, prevention and investigation."

Participant testimonials: Intelligence Analysis training for a public sector company employees

  • "It is nice to find specialised training. The information was understandable, specific and useful. Usually I follow the principle that if I take away at least one new thing from a training – it was useful. This training has left me with more than one new thought and idea – therefore I give highest appreciation to you".
  • "It’s great to work with people who are practicing experts in their field."
  • "The training was comprehensive and intensive. The information we have received is easily applicable in practice – it will help us to increase our work efficiency."
  • "The training was very engaging. The information provided encourages further interest in the topics presented as well as practical application of gained theoretical knowledge."
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