About EPSO-G

EPSO-G is a state-owned group of energy transmission and exchange companies. The shareholder rights and obligations of EPSO-G holding are implemented by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania. All the companies that are part of  EPSO-G group are responsible for efficient and timely implementation of the projects of energy transmission and exchange infrastructure contributing to the goals set in the National Energy Strategy and creating a sustainable long-term value for the shareholder – the State of Lithuania, its people and the economy. UAB EPSO-G is a holding company of the group.

About the project

Although the whole group is home to more than 1000 experts, the holding body UAB EPSO-G is a small organization with limited people capacity. In order to identify the maturity level of information security, evaluate risks the organization is facing as well as compliance to information security standards, the organization wanted to have a professional assessment with independent recommendations.


Project delivery process

During the IT security audit, NRD Cyber Security assessed the controls for information security, which are in place to ensure service accessibility and provision and business continuity. Also, the team has evaluated the risks, related to outsourced IT service providers.

Project results and benefits

After successful completion of all the tasks, assessments and evaluations related to the project, a report has been presented with highlights on what technical measures should be improved. The implementation of the suggestions should enhance the maturity of information security within the organization.

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