The Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania is vested with authority to investigate crimes related to cross-border smuggling and assists other law enforcement agencies in identifying financial fraud, terrorist, organized crime and drug trafficking activities. In performing this task, Customs officers and analysts rely on a massive amount of structured and unstructured data. An advanced automated analysis solution was required to help the Customs Department to deliver timely, actionable and reliable intelligence that would identify, predict, prevent and disrupt criminal or fraudulent activities.


An advanced analytical platform based on IBM technologies was installed, configured and made ready for use by analytical and investigation staff at tactical and strategic level. Data from over twenty information systems was integrated into the platform, additional functionalities such as automated identification of licence plates, crime identification algorithms, visualisation of data were developed and implemented.

Services provided

  • Integration of data from over twenty information systems;
  • Implementation of analytical tools for structured and unstructured data;
  • Implementation of solution for link analysis and link visualisation;
  • Implementation of alerts on the objects of interest;
  • Algorithm development for criminal activities;
  • Solution security testing and vulnerability identification and elimination;
  • Development of technical documentation;
  • Development of user and administration manuals;
  • 36 month support.
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