Georgia is digitalizing fast and has superseded several more technologically advanced and higher-income countries. To keep up it’s cybersecurity practices with the technological advancement pace, Georgia undertakes commendable effort for a country of its size and resource endowments. However, as the cyber campaign that targeted Georgia ahead of and during its military confrontation with Russia in August 2008 showed, the country also faces unusually acute threats for a country with its capacities. Georgia’s geopolitical conditions clearly raise the stakes for its cybersecurity capacity building efforts.

To be able to strategically prioritise investments in cybersecurity and review the national cybersecurity strategy, the Government of Georgia required a good understanding of its national cybersecurity capacity.


NRD Cyber Security, in collaboration with the University of Oxford, has deployed the Cybersecurity Capacity Model for Nations (CMM) in order to assess the cybersecurity capacity maturity in Georgia. The assessment provided a comprehensive picture of the status of cybersecurity maturity in five distinct dimensions: Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy, Cyber Culture and Society, Cybersecurity Education, Training and Skills, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, and Standards, Organisations and Technologies.

The assessment was based on the following stakeholders participating in round-table consultations: academia, criminal justice, law enforcement, information technology officers and representatives from public sector entities, critical infrastructure owners, policy makers, information technology officers from the government and the private sector (including financial institutions), telecommunications companies, the banking sector as well as international partners. By having an all-inclusive overview of the cybersecurity capacity situation in the country, policy and decision makers will be able to identify problematic areas more accurately and allocate funds and other resources more efficiently.

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