The Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania ensures effective competition for the benefit of consumers and conducts investigations of anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominance, mergers, unfair competition, etc. Many of investigation related material is available in digital form and is being stored, processed and disseminated in the Competition Council’s Computer Network and the Registry of State Aid. Integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information and information systems is of paramount importance to the effective performance of tasks laid out on the Competition Council.


A comprehensive security check of the State Aid Registry and Competition Council’s computer network was performed to help the organization identify and understand its vulnerabilities and address them in a proper manner. People, technologies and processes were checked, detailed reports and the general report for the Competition Council’s management was produced and presented.

Services provided

  • Compliance Assessment against standing external security regulations with a focus on processes effectiveness;
  • Cybersecurity Status Assessment against CIS Critical Security Controls;
  • External and Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment to identify weak links and assess their potential damage to the Organizartion;
  • Social engineering testing to assess employees’ vulnerabilities;
  • Detailed compliance assessment, vulnerability assessment, social engineering testing reports;
  • List of identified vulnerabilities in the order of criticality;
  • Documented information Security Risk Assessment, selection of relevant risk; treatment options and development of Information Security Risk Management Plan
  • General report to the Competition’s Council Management on most critical vulnerabilities and recommendations on how to address them.
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