About Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCINT) is intelligence produced from publicly available sources, such as traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio), digital media, internet websites, and user-generated content in social networks, blogs, web communities, multimedia sharing sites, etc. Today open-source intelligence tools, methods and techniques are being increasingly used not only by the government agencies, but by various businesses as well. NRD Cyber Security is developing OSINT solution IntEye, which empowers users to gather and monitor information in open sources and report on any relevant topic.

Unique solution

IntEye - Open Source Intelligence gathering and analysis system, which uses several AI modules to continuously learn from the user and provocatively search for the most relevant information online. The aim is to create a system which is going to process data of various types, complexity and size and improve the speed and quality of decision-making process in institutions and organizations. The system will be based on AI and OSINT and will be significant in a way that it is going to learn from the analyst and provocatively search for the most relevant information.

R&D by NRD Cyber Security

NRD Cyber Security is implementing project ‘NRD Cyber Security investments to R&D’ (project Nr. J05-LVPA-K-03-0085), according to 2014-2020 EU investment funds action plan 1st priority Research and Development tool Nr. J05-LVPA-K ‘Intelect. Buisness and science projects’, which is financed from European regional development fund.

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