Technology and processes will not work if skills are absent. NRD Cyber Security is a trusted provider of cyber security, intelligence, OSINT, digital forensics trainings to public and private sector professionals and specialized organizations.

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Cybersecurity Training

Our businesses and lives are increasingly dependent on information technology to perform our daily activities: transfer money, check email, chat, etc. However, the use of the Internet brings new threats and risks with the bad actors abusing internet technologies to launch cyberattacks or steal private or corporate information for their own benefit.

Most of the cyber security incidents occur due to the lack of awareness, understanding and users‘ negligence in following basic cyber security principles. Therefore, to protect its business, every organization needs to regularly educate, train and make its people aware of cyber security threats and most common types of attacks.

We offer a number of cyber security training courses designed for end users and IT staff as well as for CEOs and managers.


  • Legal aspects of information security;
  • Information security standards (ISO/IEC);
  • General principles of safe work online;
  • Technological aspects of cyber security assurance;
  • IT governance and management framework COBIT 5;
  • Implementation of Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27000 standards).


  • Enhanced knowledge on information security and its impact on organization;
  • Increased safety of daily online work;
  • Effective management of IT security with limited resources;
  • Reduced risks of cyber security incidents;
  • Cybersecurity training certification.

Contact Rūta Jašinskienė at rj@scdrnlt or +370 686 32629 for more information.

Intelligence Analysis Training

Increasing access to different data sources and data flows leads to tighter deadlines and increasing reliance on specialised analytical staff. Fast and effective data collection, information analysis and production of comprehensive reports require the use of special analytical techniques and software. Trained and equipped analysts are key to an informed decision making process.

We offer a number of analysis training courses that can be tailored to client‘s unique needs.


  • Capacity building of law enforcement agencies’ analysts and employees dealing with data and intelligence;
  • Understanding of intelligence analysis and use of analytical techniques;
  • Added value of data and information visualisation;
  • Use of specialised analytical software (IBM i2, Maltego, NUIX, MS Power BI and ect.) for effective analysis;
  • Development of presenting skills for analytical products.


  • Qualified, self-confident analysts;
  • Enhanced knowledge on intelligence analysis;
  • Increased productivity using visual analysis tools;
  • Better analytical products;
  • Decisions based on reliable analytical conclusions;
  • Analysis training certification.

Contact Rūta Jašinskienė at rj@scdrnlt or +370 686 32629 for more information.

OSINT training

„The course is really impressive - full of the most relevant information, toold and examples. It should be a must for anyone working in public sector.“ - course participant, special forces.

Increasing availability of open source and on line data urged a more intense and focused investment in open source collection and analysis. Open source and social media monitoring can help organizations anticipate, prepare for and understand events. Open source intelligence is recognized as an empowering methodology that exploits and combines the capabilities of human intelligence with the machine intelligence of search engines.

Today open source intelligence methods are not an exclusive government domain and are increasingly employed by businesses, non-governmental organizations, journalists, and alike.

Our OSINT experts provide training on OSINT methods and techniques and can tailor them to unique client‘s needs.


  • Automated information collection from different websites and social media platforms;
  • Use of search engines for research purposes (string operators, search tools and strategies);
  • Use and management of monitoring tools;
  • Information collection from social media platforms;
  • Personal data Protection and privacy.


  • Identify information sources that are relevant to your organization;
  • Fast and accurate information collection from extensive number of information sources;
  • Conduct internet research in a safer environment and protect privacy online;
  • Reduce risks of information disclosure.

Contact Rūta Jašinskienė at rj@scdrnlt or +370 686 32629 for more information.

IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook training

Technological development grants access to ever increasing amount of data sources and large volumes of data. Specialized analytical programs, such as IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook, are used for data processing. IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook is a widely used visual intelligence analysis environment that can optimize the value of massive amounts of information collected by government agencies and businesses. With an intuitive and contextual design, it allows analysts to quickly collate, analyse and visualize data from disparate sources while reducing the time required to discover key information in complex data. IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook delivers timely, actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, prevent and disrupt criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities.

We offer hands-on, scenario-based training for both beginners and for advanced users.


  • Understanding of intelligence analysis cycle;
  • Creation of Association and Timeline (including flow charts) charts, fast editing and change of charts elements;
  • Importing structured data into the ANB and data editing during import;
  • Different search possibilities: Text search, Visual search, Find Connecting Network etc.
  • Advanced analytical techniques: Most connected Items, Bars and Histograms, Activity analysis, Social Network Analysis etc.;
  • Temporal, transactional and geospatial analysis;
  • Principles of chart presentation and publication, including Chart Legend creation and editing, making Reports, fast redaction of charts based on specified rules.


The students will gain a deeper understanding of this tool and its features, including the ability to:

  • Create manually and automated charts in ANB based on information from different sources;
  • Use advanced search and analytical techniques to uncover relationships and associations between entities;
  • Understand how to identify patterns and sequences. Learn to use Bar Charts and Histograms views to quickly identify, select, and drill down in to specified data using a heat matrix;
  • Prepare reports for presentation and dissemination.

Contact Rūta Jašinskienė at rj@scdrnlt or +370 686 32629 for more information.

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