Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Mobile device management (MDM) is a security software used for monitoring, managing and securing employees' mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems. MDM solutions are becoming increasingly popular across various types of organizations as mobility of employees and various assets brings speed and efficiency.


Such solutions are important to all organizations where employees are using mobile devices for work purposes, store and process data and sensitive information. The centralized solution is especially relevant to organizations which:

  • Have very mobile workforce, when employees are moving and travelling and perform business activities while not on site;
  • Allow their employees to access internal resources via mobile devices;
  • Do not have visibility of all mobile devices used by the employees, i.e. it is difficult to say how secure is the stored information, what kind of applications are used and their status;
  • In case of theft, do not have the tools to locate the device or delete data and information.


  • Centralized approach: MDM is done in a unified manner, hence it is possible to apply various security measures to all of the devices;
  • Better data protection: personal and confidential information can be managed more effectively. As a result, organization which allow employees to use their own devices and advocate Bring Your Own Device approach at work, can protect sensitive data and information;
  • In case of theft: the administrator can remotely track the device, delete data and cancel access to various information and systems;
  • User protection: MDM solutions restrict access to malicious sites and applications.

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Operational Technology (OT) security

About the solution

Operational Technology (OT) security platforms have been established to protect critical infrastructure - Industrial Control System (ICS) environments, including SCADA systems, allowing critical infrastructure providers to continuously monitor the behaviour of networked machines and detect deviations from normality that may point to security holes, vulnerabilities or malicious attacks.

Why you might need OT Security?

OT security platforms are used by critical infrastructure organizations to protect ICS/SCADA networks, electric grids, transportation networks, manufacturing lines, smart buildings, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail as well as a in the energy and utilities industry.


OT security platforms provide:
•    A real-time, up to date visual mapping and asset discovery of your entire network, including IP and non-IP devices;
•    Detect both known vulnerability exploits (CVEs) and undocumented, "zero-day" attacks;
•    Reduce downtime by enforcing operational policies and detecting violations, malfunctions and misconfigurations;
•    Detect deviations from operational restrictions, by using 7-layer deep packet inspection (DPI), machine learning, threat analytics and mathematical models;
•    It is capable of dynamically detecting new and emerging anomalies that represent cyber-threats.

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