Detecting and responding to cyber incidents is important. Even more important is to harden the networks and systems and make them less vulnerable to intrusions. NRD Cyber Security prevention services help organizations increase their resilience and avoid expensive and disruptive incidents through comprehensive security check, information security risk management, network vulnerability assessment (penetration testing), social engineering testing and training and awareness.


Comprehensive Security Check

For your company‘s assets to be fully protected, you need to understand your vulnerabilities and address them in a proper manner.

Our team of security experts provides you with a comprehensive security check, which is tailored to your company‘s unique needs and checks for vulnerabilities in your people, technologies and processes.

Using prevailing threat scenarios, we will assess your organization‘s security status, identify your vulnerabilities and present the results on how vulnerable and where your company is.


  • Focus on technology, processes and people;
  • Vulnerability assessment focused on identifying your critical vulnerabilities;
  • Penetration testing, exploring vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure;
  • Social engineering test, exploring your people‘s vulnerabilities;
  • Compliance assessment, focused on your processes effectiveness;
  • Detailed report on your company‘s security vulnerabilities and recommendations on how to address them.


  • Know your current security status;
  • Understand your most critical vulnerabilities;
  • Adjust your security investments;
  • Protect right assets from the right threats with the right measures;
  • Get a list of recommendations.

Contact Romualdas Lečickis at or +370 612 73994 for more information.

Information Security Risk Management

Whether in support of compliance requirements or in order to improve identification of threats and help to select necessary security controls, our team of security experts helps your company to establish and run a consistent process for information security risk management.

We will consider your company’s unique needs and help you to develop and implement information security risk management process or will conduct actual risk/ compliance assessment using approved methodology and help you to select relevant risk treatment options.


  • Focus on executive-level support and buy-in;
  • Developing or tuning your information security risk management process to your company’s size and mission;
  • Identification of key assets and data that are critical to your company‘s mission;
  • Documented information security risk management process, including risk assessment methodology;
  • Report on your company‘s critical assets and information security risk assessment results;
  • Detailed risk treatment plan.


  • Information security risk management integration with wider company’s risk management practices;
  • Understand your most critical assets and their impact to business;
  • Understand information security risks at technical and organizational level;
  • Sound information security risk assessment methodology;
  • Find the most cost effective way to treat your information security risks;
  • Get a list of recommendations.

Contact Romualdas Lečickis at rl@scdrnlt or +370 612 73994 for more information.

Network Vulnerability Assessment (Penetration Testing)

Malicious actors exploit the weaknesses in networks, computer systems and applications to steal data, get access to or take over the control of your networks. To protect your business and information, you need to know which weak links can be exploited and what the likely damage would be. 

Our team of cyber security experts will collect publicly available information related to your networks, identify your vulnerabilities and use their real cyber attacks knowledge to target you as hackers.

We will determine whether your company’s network vulnerabilities can be exploited by a real cyber attack and how, what the likely damage would be in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems, rate the vulnerabilities in terms of risk to your company and provide mitigation recommendations.


  • Focus on your primary business function;
  • Follow the same processes employed by real hackers;
  • All attacks are executed safely under controlled conditions;
  • Black box or white box testing method;
  • Social engineering tests to check whether your people can be manipulated;
  • Detailed report on your network vulnerabilities, including risk ratings, likely damage and mitigation recommendations.


  • Have a complete picture of your networks security;
  • Know whether your vulnerabilities can be exploited and how;
  • Know if your people are a weak link;
  • Adjust your security investments;
  • Get a list of recommendations.

Contact Marius Urkis at mu@scdrnlt or +370 687 79059 for more information.

Social engineering testing

Cyber security experts often say that people are the weakest link. Regardless of the technologies implemented, the security of your network comes down to your employees. To protect your information, you need to make sure that your people cannot be manipulated into opening the doors to your networks.

Our team of cyber security experts will use remote social engineering techniques employed by malicious actors to manipulate your staff in order to gain access to your confidential information and networks.

We will help you assess the effectiveness of your policies and the level of security awareness of your people, identify your failure points, so that your company can take appropriate measures to prevent an actual breach.


  • Follow the same processes employed by malicious social engineers
  • Research open source information on your IT infrastructure
  • All attacks are executed safely and under controlled conditions
  • Black box or white box testing method
  • Option to monitor your people actions and behaviour in real time
  • Detailed report on findings and mitigation recommendations
  • Specific security training to prepare for future attacks (optional)


  • Know if your policies are effective at mitigating social engineering threats
  • Assess the effectiveness of your training programmes and adjust it
  • Increase cyber security awareness of your employees
  • Learn from your mistakes to prevent an actual breach
  • Get a list of recommendations on counter measures

Contact Marius Urkis at mu@scdrnlt or +370 687 79059 for more information.

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