About the course

This hands-on training focuses on understanding of opens source intelligence (OSINT) and on practice necessary for targeted information gathering from opens sources and analysis on-line. OSINT is recognized as an empowering methodology that exploits and combines the capabilities of human intelligence with machine intelligence of search engines and other computer tools. Analysis and monitoring of data from open sources, can help organizations anticipate, prepare for and understand events. Participants gain knowledge about and try practically various open source tools and methods. 


The course is designed for all who needs or wants to be able to quickly find targeted and accurate information as well as learn more about data collection from open sources.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify information sources that are relevant to his/her organization;
  • Quickly and automatically collect accurate information from an extensive number of different websites and social media platforms;
  • Conduct internet research in a safer environment and protect privacy online;
  • Reduce risks of information disclosure.

Feedback from previous participants

“This course should be a part of mandatory personnel training for all Intelligence and law enforcement agencies."

"The training was very well-structured and well executed, so it was easy to understand and take-in the provided information. The training was really useful, and the most relevant sources were purposefully selected. I believe this information can be easily applied both in professional and personal activities (e. g. in personal data protection). The trainer was also great, a real expert in the field, he answered all our questions with easily understandable examples. I would strongly recommend this training to others."

"A very useful training, I received a lot of concentrated information about information collection and analysis that can help in making decisions in various areas of an organisation. It would be impossible to gather as much information in such a short time on your own”.

"Very good, intensive and useful course. This knowledge can be used in various fields such as marketing, personnel selection, due-diligence of suppliers and sub-contractors. It is also necessary for evaluation of various risks, prevention and investigation."


Contact our training course coordinator Rūta Jašinskienė rj@scdrnlt for more information

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