About information and cyber security strategy, policies and procedures

Exclusive reliance on security technologies cannot guarantee the security of information. In order to consciously manage information security, you have to have mechanisms, policies and processes in place to adequately and proportionately treat information security. In addition, to ensure that the development of information and cyber security is consistent, compatible and focused it must follow the organization’s security strategy.

Our team of security experts will help you to determine your security strategy, develop policies, procedures and other relevant security documentation.

How we do it?

  • Assess external compliance requirements;
  • Establish current state of information and cyber security management;
  • Select the most proper information security management standard/ framework for your company or legal regulation;
  • Development documentation, which is focused on the effectiveness of your procedures and processes.


  • Security investments will consistent, compatible and focused;
  • Continuity of critical business process ensured;
  • Security management goals are aligned with business needs;
  • Effective information security management processes established;
  • Competitive advantage.
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Vytautas Kuliešius
Information security management and audit expert