About the course

This training course focuses on the impact information and cyber security risk management has on the organization as well as on relevant elements and practical guidance. During the course, the participants are introduced to various sectorial standards, methods and tools for sound IT risk management practice. Every organization needs to know how to best defend their valuable assets, and risk management should be at any organization’s security foundation toolkit.


The training is designated for IT managers and managers responsible for IT risk assessment, IT resilience development, security and operations as well as for Computer Security Incident Response (CSIRT) and Security Operation Centre (SOC) staff.

After the course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply IT risk identification, evaluation, assessment, reporting and management techniques;
  • Establish key performance and key risk indicators for IT operations and processes;
  • Use IT processes maturity evaluation and IT risk assessment standards, methods, techniques and tools;
  • Create operational and IT risk reports.
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