About information analysis and visualization tools for investigation

One picture can replace thousands of words because data visualization increases our ability to absorb, understand and interpret information as well as analyse complex criminal and fraudulent activities and networks. Besides a skilled analyst, there are several other key elements crucial for successful analysis, such as having personnel responsible for task assignment and decision making as well as have trust in them. Also, adequate amount of time for the analysis along with the access to information and analytical tools should be allocated. These elements are closely related and strongly dependent. Valuable and fast analysis requests good knowledge of processes and powerful but user- friendly instruments.

Why your organization needs it?

For any organization to carry out any kind of investigation, it is vital to process large amounts of information. In order to have a cohesive and all-rounded picture, data needs to be collected and connected from various sources. But it is not enough to perform valuable analysis – it is important to identify direct and indirect links among objects, evaluate their sequence and significance.

It is possible to manually find specific objects, but with the ever-increasing amount of data it is becoming very time consuming. Specific tools can speed and simplify those processes as well as enables the user to interpret and slice the data simultaneously from various perspectives, such time, location and connections.


  • The investigation is carried out faster and more accurately
  • Results are presented in an easy and user-friendly way
  • Human error, which may occur in calculating, evaluating and searching for specific data
  • Easy to search for targeted information by multiple criteria in large scale of data
  • Decision-making, based on analysis, show signs of organizational maturity
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Rūta Jašinskienė
Intelligence analysis expert
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