Not long ago one of the greatest issues many organisations faced was to identify where to get the information and get it as fast as possible. With the advancement of various technologies, the key focus, these days, is how to analyse and evaluate the existing data in the fastest and most efficient way. By using the convenient tools and methods for the analysis, the goal nowadays is to provide insights and conclusions, so that decision- makers can make well-evaluated and informed decisions.

NRD Cyber Security are able not only to consult you, but also offer the technological solutions which will enable you to make fast and well-informed decisions.


Integrating the sources of information and analytical platforms

By having systems where data is stored in various locations as well as it is automatically collected in a complicated manner, many organisations see great possibility of work duplication. Also, as not all the information is gathered in concise way, the organisation may not be able to see the situation as a whole and the roots of the issue. As a result, it is difficult to make the all-rounded and well-informed decisions, that can eliminate the threats for the whole organisation and not just a particular sector or department.

Complex data source management, data analytics and global prevention solutions are essential to utilise resources efficiently.

One of the possible tools to accomplish these tasks - IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis solution which is open, flexible and allows organisations to connect data and get insights almost in real time.

When looking how to eliminate cyber and inside threats for National Security and Defence organisations, this solution can help to thoroughly understand the environment and the exact factors that cause those threats.

Based on data from inside, outside and open sources, the combination of machine learning and human skill can help to quickly identify the hidden connections and critical behaviour models.

NRD Cyber Security has paid a particular interest in automated data collection from various sources when working with the national information systems and can use this experience to help our customers. We have completed many projects in this field as well as prepared data semantic map, which is useful for analysts from surveillance, justice system and control institutions.

For more information, please contact Rūta Jašinskiene email: or tel. +370 686 32629

Visual analysis solutions: IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook

Information visualisation is important not only for data management or presenting the conclusions, but also when analysing data. The same information can be interpreted in many ways, depending on how it is presented: in numbers, words or pictures. The visualisation of the text can be more than a thousand words.

NRD Cyber Security offers organisations IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook software, that aims not only to visualise information, but also to visually analyse it.

The tool allows to analyse and present various data that can be expressed using schemes:

  • Connections among the objects such as people, places, vehicles, etc.;
  • Logs of the events (event being data where the time of occurrence can be identified, such as phone calls, financial operations, email conversations, etc.);
  • The connecting events chronological order (the opportunity to analyse the information from time perspective).

By applying the advanced tools and techniques, the information in schemes can be analysed according to various scenarios. This is done by correlating the different parameters, from all the data gathered, depicting the most useful information and identify the non-direct connections among the objects of interest.

When solving analytical tasks, the easy and quick visualisation of the data on a map can be seen as an added value. This programme is used by all justice and surveillance institutions all over the world. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst enterprises, e.g. finance, insurance companies and many other organisations that want to identify inside fraud possibilities and cyber security threats.

IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook has direct integration with security information and event management system IBM QRadar. The use of these two tools makes the analysis of the security information more effective by looking for untypical behaviour models and speeding up the investigation process. Here you can see how it works in practice: demo.

NRD Cyber Security has the exclusive competence consulting customers about the use as well as providing training for IBM i2 Analyst‘s Notebook.

For more information, please contact Rūta Jašinskiene email: or tel. +370 686 32629

Round table discussions for analysts

Every specialist in any sector feels valued when he or she can share their knowledge and experiences, dream and generate ideas with fellow-minders.

In order to encourage the collaboration of the community of analysts in Lithuania, NRD Cyber Security organizes gatherings for intelligence, law enforcement and control institutions in a form of round table meet-ups for analysts.

The meet-ups are taking place two times per year, the topics are chosen according to the most important subjects for the participants or what‘s new in the market. Our key goals are: to create the environment where communication is based on trust; to make analytics take the leading role in the organisation; to make analyst trust his/her decision-making skills. At the beginning of this initiative, we focus on public sector specialists, but soon we are planning to broaden the scope. Information about the next Round Table discussion can be found in section Events.

For more information, please contact Rūta Jašinskiene email:  or tel. +370 686 32629

Unique OSINT solution „IntEye“ (R&D)

NRD Cyber Security is working on a unique solution „IntEye“. The aim is to create a system which is going to process data of various types, complexity and size and improve the speed and quality of decision making process in institutions and organisations. The system will be based on AI and OSINT and will be significant in a way that it is going to learn from the analyst and provocatively search for the most relevant information. The project is partly financed from EU structural investment funds under the project Intellect. Nr. J05-LVPA-K.

More information about the project will be available shortly!

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