About CyberSOC

An effective Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a team of competent and experienced cybersecurity professionals (analysts, researchers, threat hunters), state-of-the-art technology (hardware and software used to collect and process logs and data flows, identify, and manage vulnerabilities, process cyber threat information) and established and functioning processes, sequences, and procedures.

This is exactly what (NRD Cyber Security) CyberSOC provides. Its main function is to prevent cyber incidents by constantly monitoring customers’ IT infrastructure, thus ensuring the uninterrupted and secure operation of organisations. CyberSOC experts analyse threats from potential attacks, detect anomalies, assess risks and provide regular recommendations for addressing security vulnerabilities. To ensure organisations can operate safely , the CyberSOC team will take all reasonable steps to effectively prevent cyber attacks and, if needed, resolve them immediately.

CyberSOC is like a dream employee who performs all SOC functions and more ...

The advantage of the CyberSOC service is that your cybersecurity is taken care of continuously and proactively by an entire team, not just by one employee.

How do we do it?

To provide the CyberSOC service, we use the most advanced technical solutions on the market with experienced analysts identifying non-standard or unusual activities or anomalies in your infrastructure that may be related to:

  • User logins;
  • IP address communication;
  • Intrusion attempts or external scanning of the perimeter of the organisation;
  • Unauthorised leakage of intellectual property;
  • Privileged access (administrator) actions;
  • False requests and unauthorised attempts to connect to or from the organisation’s network;
  • Malicious code and vulnerabilities;
  • Identified technological risks;
  • Monitoring of other parameters that pose a risk to the organisation’s operations.

CyberSOC experts and analysts will proactively monitor your IT infrastructure to help identify potential attacks at an early stage. Having identified any vulnerabilities, they will provide advice on how to enhance the security of your IT infrastructure and ensure the uninterrupted operation of your systems.


Benefits for your organisation

In today’s business climate, one of the most important challenges for a sustainable and competitive organisation is its operational and data security. Cyberattacks are on the rise, causing damage to reputation, legal or financial losses, or obtaining and exploiting information about an organisation's operations, contracts, employees, and intellectual property. Security operations centres are one of the most effective means of preventing cyberattacks. However, having an SOC within an organisation requires dedicated resources.

With our CyberSOC service, you can forget about the cost of acquiring and maintaining technical solutions such as SIEM and the difficulty of finding qualified staff. This service ensures cybersecurity that will allow your organisation to achieve its strategic goals without obstacles. 

CyberSOC technology tools and experienced experts who monitor the ever-changing environment will help you reduce reputational, legal and financial risks and losses, and give your partners more confidence.

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