About CyberSOC

CyberSOC - cyber resilience at its maximum level. Cyber-attacks are evolving and becoming increasingly difficult to protect our organizations, as sometimes we don’t even know if and how our IT infrastructure is vulnerable. Hence, an effective way of dealing with cyber incidents is to identify them at an early stage and handle them while the potential damage is kept to a minimum.

Why choose managed security service?

  • The risk of qualified staff changes is removed;
  • No need for additional staff;
  • No need for additional resources towards staff training;
  • No need for additional technologies.

For more information please contact our technology deployment manager Tautvydas Jašinskas at tj@scdrnlt

CyberSOC - one solution with many possibilities

  • Advisory service to CISO;
  • Security incident analysis and threat monitoring;
  • Network vulnerability assessment;
  • Log management;
  • Compliance assurance (GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, COBIT, ITIL, CIS Controls, NIST CSF, SIM3, SOC-CMM, etc.).

How we do it?

Our CyberSOC experts not only register and handle cyber incidents, but also monitor your IT infrastructure, identify any potential vulnerabilities and suggest how they can be resolved. Hence, you are constantly enhancing your organizations cyber resilience. The processes that are monitored include, but are not limited to:

  • User logs;
  • Data logs and leakage;
  • Actions performed by administrators;
  • Any other parameters which may be posing threats to business.
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