About cloud infrastructure security assessment

To ensure compliance with legal regulations and for your company‘s cloud infrastructure assets to be fully protected, you need to understand your cloud security vulnerabilities and address them in a proper manner. Our team of security experts provides you with a comprehensive cloud infrastructure security compliance assessment, which is tailored to your company‘s unique needs. This assessment covers both organizational and technical means of cloud security.

How we do it?

  • Assessment of external compliance requirements;
  • Selection of the most proper information security management standards/ frameworks and best practices for your company;
  • Establishment of current state of cloud infrastructure security;
  • Focus on technology, processes and people;
  • Security assessment, focused on the effectiveness of your processes;
  • Assessment is conducted using interviews, discussions, questionnaires and on-site evaluations;
  • Detailed report on your cloud infrastructure security vulnerabilities and recommendations on how to address them.


  • Know your current cloud infrastructure security status;
  • Understand your most critical cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities;
  • Security investments will be proportionate to security risks as well as consistent, compatible and focused;
  • Assurance of the continuity of the critical business process;
  • A comprehensive list of recommendations.
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Vytautas Kuliešius
Information security management and audit expert