Secure digital environment requires proper national, organizational and personal habits and capabilities. NRD Cyber Security helps nations and organizations across the world to assess the level of their cyber security maturity, develop roadmaps or cybersecurity strategies, establish their own CSIRTs, digital forensic labs, boost their cybersecurity by OSINT, data integration or analysis solutions, empower law enforcement agencies with necessary capabilities.  


CSIRT establishment

Due to their nature of business, some medium and large organizations want to have their own cyber or computer security incident prevention and response capabilities.

Our highly qualified and experienced team guides you through the entire Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT, also known as CERT and CIRT) establishment process to help you build a computer security incident response team that suites your organization‘s unique needs and requirements.

Using internationally recognized CSIRT practices, we will guide you through CSIRT documentation process, help you select right services, build proper organizational structures, define appropriate roles and responsibilities, select right people, information technologies and equipment, define network design, provide necessary training, define operational procedures and establish partnerships with other cyber security players.

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OSINT solutions

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources, such as traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio), digital media, internet websites, and user-generated content in social networks, blogs, web communities, multimedia sharing sites, etc.

Today open-source intelligence methods are being increasingly used not only by the Government agencies, but by various businesses as well.

NRD CS has created OSINT software module, which empowers users to gather and monitor information in open sources and report on any relevant topic.


Depending on the needs of a Customer, system can be configured and adapted to perform these functions:

  • Open sources monitoring and regular reporting on current and emerging issues as determined by Client;
  • Monitoring, identifying and alerting on upcoming events that might undermine President’s, Prime Minister’s or other VIP security;
  • Monitoring, identifying and alerting on the activities related to terrorism, cyber-crime and public order;
  • Provide information in support of criminal investigation activities;
  • Provide information on the specific requests of the Tasking Authorities;
  • Provide information to the Government’s personnel vetting agency;
  • Provide local and foreign sentiment analysis;
  • Reacting and managing social media communication;
  • Gathering Military and National security intelligence;
  • Gathering Business intelligence.

Our OSINT module is also designed for integrations with popular analytical instruments such as IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, NUIX, Microsoft Power BI, and many more.


  • Reduce informational clutter while gathering data for analysis;
  • Automate intelligence gathering;
  • Save human resources used for information gathering;
  • Empower your team for timely reaction;
  • Get structured data from hard-to-structure sources;
  • Analyze the data with tools you already have (or using open source ones);
  • Use bespoke software designed to work according to your organization’s needs.
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