About the course

This hands-on scenario-based training aims to increase analytical capacities solving different tasks related to investigation and analysis by using specialised tools. i2 Analyst’s Notebook is a visual intelligence analysis environment that can optimize the value of data collected from different information sources. This instrument is an efficient instrument for fraud, money laundering and other crime prevention activities and investigations. The usage of i2 Analyst’s Notebook ensures timely and actionable intelligence delivery to help identify, predict, prevent and disrupt fraudulent, criminal and terrorist activities. All teaching material and exercises are based on real-life investigative tasks and analysis.

The course is designed for specialists responsible for incident and crime prevention and investigation, who wish to start using i2 Analyst’s Notebook software or are already using the tool and would like to learn more about successful analysis.


After this course the participants will be able to:

  • Use IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook for various daily tasks related to data visualization, advanced search and analysis;
  • More quickly and accurately discover key information, hidden relations among entities in complex data, get insights and make decisions;
  • Due to data visualization, the understanding and interpretation of the presented results of the analysis are performed in speedier and more comprehensive manner.

Feedback from our recent training sessions

"Comprehensive, helpful training. The material was presented in a clear, understandable manner, with examples."

"I have taken part in several courses on IBM i2 ANB, but this was the only one that was actually interesting and useful."

"Excellent training, perfect presentation, elaboration of topics, examples and practical exercises."

"The training helped us to increase the application of the i2 ANB two-fold. In the past I used i2 mainly for drawing but now I saw unlimited information analysis and systematization capabilities."

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Rūta Jašinskienė
Intelligence analysis expert
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