For easier and more efficient registration of enterprises, Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and Liberia Business Registry (LBR) are sharing a single-point of registration. LBR uses a system developed by NRD for the business registration called LBRS. While the two service providers have synchronized their processes manually, there exists no electronic data exchange among them. The disconnection between the two systems has resulted into a gap of registered businesses, registered taxpayers and inaccurate information of taxpayers in databases.

The objective of the upgrade project is to redesign & implement an integrated business and taxpayer registration process by means of automated data exchange between LBRS and SIGTAS, and minimal data entry by LRA and LBR staffs.

With the received financing toward the cost of an Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Project, The Republic of Liberia now continues the development aiming to:

  1. Assess and validate current state of single-point registration procedure in LBR, specifically the coordination between LBR and LRA.
  2. Redesign the single-point registration procedure for enterprise registration including the issuance of TINs as part of this process.
  3. Design data exchange processes that include controls for monitoring and error handling.
  4. Upgrade existing LBRS to interface with SIGTAS for enterprise registration and maintenance of data in each system.
  5. Specify the required hardware, integration components, licenses, network equipment and network connectivity for LBR and LRA to meet interface requirements for a turnkey solution.
  6. Implement interface including development, testing, documentation, training, deployment, post implementation support.
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