Cyber-attacks, targeting both private and public sectors, are becoming bigger and more aggressive in terms of the effect and cost they have. 2017 saw one of the greatest cyber-attacks of all times that affected organizations in various countries all around the world, including East Africa Region. Therefore, nations should be ready to deal with large scale cyber-attacks and have effective crisis management mechanisms at organizational, national and international levels to reduce the damage and spill-over effects across international borders.

NRD Cyber Security is very happy to once again have assisted East Africa on their route towards building a cohesive cyber security ecosystem. Cyber Defence East Africa (CDEA) conference has been organized for the 6th time in East Africa region and for the 3rd time in Uganda. The annual event was intended to work both as a meeting point for key cyber security stakeholders as well as the platform for collaboration and new initiatives. During the 2017 event the Declaration on strengthening cyber security in financial sector was signed among key cyber security stakeholders in financial sector. The act infused the urge for collaboration and, as a result, continuous cooperation among Uganda’s banking sector representatives has started.

Cyber Defence East Africa 2018 conference was co-organized in Uganda by NRD Cyber Security and NITA-U and was dedicated to effective preparation for cyber crisis. The event focused on readiness (i.e. how to ensure maximum cyber incident visibility, training and preparation, etc.) and reaction (i.e. immediate actions, incident handling, crisis communication, etc.).

Once again it gathered CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, heads of IT departments, IT managers, Infosec professionals together with policy-makers, law enforcement officers, CERT and Central Bank representatives. The delegates came from East Africa countries: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and South Sudan.

The conference was composed of two days: policy day and practical sessions. The policy day was intended for those closer to the strategy and policy making with an emphasis that cyber security is first and foremost – a management issue, and therefore the day has featured high-level keynote speeches and panel sessions on cyber security threats. The topics and discussions covered areas such as effective cyber crisis management, cyber-crime trends in East Africa region and communication during cyber crisis.

The 2nd day of the conference was dedicated to practical trainings and was divided into two parallel tracks:

  • Uganda Cyber Security Assessment and Defining Cyber Landscape for Uganda;
  • Interactive crisis simulation exercise based on role-play.

The event was co-sponsored by Tenable, a company which offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help organizations understand, reduce and mitigate their cyber risk. More about the company:

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