BAIP is sponsoring the 4th Annual Cyber Security Summit which is taking Place in Prague on the 9th-10th April, 2014. The Summit is organised by the European Business Conferences Group (EBCG) in cooperation with The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

At the conference exhibition area, BAIP will share its experience and services for resilience of complex information systems. It will also present cyber security solutions that are developed together with its cyber security competence center NRD CS: design of early warning systems and modern e-crime and fraud management platforms (central IT forensics labs, digital surveillance systems).

2014 Summit accommodates 3 separate streams: "National security and government in cyber warfare", "Cyber security in financial sector" and "Energy and utilities as targets of cyber attacks".

Cyber Security Summit 2014 will address the following issues, among many other things: 

  • How you can combat cyber attacks while keeping your business operational;
  • How to save your company millions using effective, ethical hacking techniques;
  • The special technique you need to know for the newest and most sophisticated cyber attacks;
  • How to develop an effective public-private partnership to protect your critical infrastructure.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A pre-conference workshop that will allow the participants to experience a real-time hacking attempt, bringing them right into the scene of the crime.
  • Using a unique case study from Nokia, participants will be shown that measuring security is possible and how to do it.
  • Insider Presentation: How critical is a public-private partnership for infrastructure protection? Getting inspired by these best practices.

The event brings together senior IT security executives from a large variety of sectors. Last year the event attracted more than 130 cyber security experts from all over Europe.

BAIP participation in the Summit is a part of a project "Increasing the volume of UAB BAIP export" funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the programme "New opportunities". The purpose of this programme is to finance activities, related to presentation of companies and their products at international exhibitions that take place abroad.

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