Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company NRD CS signed a cooperation agreement. KTU and NRD CS will conduct research in the University‘s academic computer network and laboratories, improve the network security and develop new cybersecurity methods, applicable both in Lithuania and abroad.

NRD CS will provide expert knowledge in order to strengthen the cybersecurity component in higher education programmes and improve the information technology study programmes offered by the University by integrating cybersecurity into the curriculum. The company will also propose topics for student projects, Masters and Doctoral theses and provide scholarships for students specialising in the field of cyber security.

„With rapid digitisation and increasing amounts of information being transferred to the internet, skills and capacity to ensure the security of this information is becoming ever more challenging. Information technology specialists with skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security are in high demand but we are facing a shortage of such experts in Lithuania. I hope that cooperation with private sector as well as improvement of the study programmes will allow us to reduce this gap to at least some extent", explained the Rector of KTU Petras Barsauskas.

NRD CS and KTU will also cooperate on academic cybersecurity research publications, develop new cybersecurity services and solutions, participate in projects in Lithuania and abroad and seek to establish a closer connection between the study programmes and practice.

„When implementing cybersecurity projects in Lithuania and abroad, for example: Bhutan, Bangladesh or Tanzania, we see that with rise of digital technology and related threats comes a necessity for essentially new approach and technologies. Therefore, we must strengthen the cooperation between Lithuanian businesses and academia, encourage science innovations in the field of cybersecurity and realise them in Lithuania and abroad", commented the CEO of NRD CS Dr Vilius Benetis.

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