BAIP, the leading Baltic IT critical infrastructure company working and developing the cyber-security expertise in the areas of East Africa together with its sister company NRD AS, has signed a partnership agreement with the leader in next generation threat protection, stopping advanced malware, zero-day, and targeted APT attacks that bypass traditional defenses - FireEye. BAIP is representing FireEye in the Baltics and Africa (project based).

FireEye is the world's only signature-less instrument against advanced targeted cyber attacks that protects across all major threat vectors. FireEye platform allows organizations to detect and block Web, email, mobile, and file-based cyber threats in real time. This industry leading solution complements traditional signature-based defences (firewalls, IPS, AV, and gateways) that use pattern matching methods and leave major security holes. Unlike many other tools, FireEye is capable to resist difficult, unknown, dynamic, polymorphic and personalised attacks.

"FireEye technology is unique in the scope and depth of analysis - way above anything else in the market and it has a very fast payback period - it often takes less than a day for the companies to become aware of attacks and intrusions that their existing security products miss. Therefore, we offer an easy pilot deployment to our clients so they can see the benefits for themselves - and often results are scary, calling for the action on the Boards level", - said Dr. Vilius Benetis, head of BAIP Cyber Security group.

FireEye's solution combines aspects of machine learning and cloud computing and is constantly improving when the number new users increases. FireEye's cloud-based threat intelligence network keeps all its customers up-to-date on the malware metadata of the latest attacks that the company unveils anywhere in the world.

"BAIP plays an active role in the development and implementation of the Lithuanian National Cyber Security Programme. We are confident about their competence and passion for this field. Therefore, we are excited to co-operate with BAIP in delivering our advanced solution", - claims FireEye's Partner Manager for Nordic & Baltic Region Christer Larsson.

BAIP has already introduced FireEye to its clients during the business breakfast, when Fredrik Myrelid, Technical Lead Nordic&Baltics, FireEye, delivered a presentation about the "Changing Threat Landscape" and the new model of IT security necessary to stay protected. During the event, Dr. Vilius Benetis presented how the Lithuanian name is seen in the context of cyber attacks, and Marius Urkis from Kaunas Technology University presented the current attacks as seen and dealt at CERT-LITNET.

FireEye platforms have been already deployed in over 40 countries and more than 1,000 customers and partners, including over 25 percent of the Fortune 100. It is being used by leading enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions.

BAIP provides critical IT infrastructure services and the Cyber Defence Plan, assisting clients in consolidation, virtualization, security and management of their IT environment by means of BAIP proprietary methodology CIMF (Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Framework). The main specialization areas are IT infrastructure design, security, virtual environments, IT services management, storage, backup and recovery, and cloud computing. BAIP expertise includes design and implementation of highly scalable distributed systems, high performance interconnected networks and large scale parallel and distributed storage systems.

BAIP UAB is a subsidiary to BAIP Group together with NRD AS and NRD UAB. BAIP Group is a group of companies that specialises in the field of critical information systems for governments and large organisations. Together with its sister company NRD AS, BAIP operates and implements projects in the areas of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and East Africa. Currently BAIP and NRD in cooperation with ISACA Tanzania Chapter are working on creation and implementation of Consultative Tanzanian National Cyber Security Framework.
Pictures from the seminar.

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