Tautvydas Jašinskas

Director of technology delivery group

Countries / regions of work experience


Areas of expertise

  • Cybersecurity;
  • Information security;
  • Technology implementation in organizations;
  • IT security software and technical solutions;
  • SOC activities & ensuring continuity.

At NRD Cyber Security Tautvydas Jašinskas is responsible for technology deployment and information security incident management.

Prior to joining NRD Cyber Security team, Tautvydas Jašinskas worked in law enforcement teams implementing Lithuanian national security projects aimed at protecting public and state security from external and internal threats. In recent years, Tautvydas has been a cyber security expert and information security officer at JSC Lithuanian railways, where he was responsible for the critical information infrastructure security.

Tautvydas has graduated from Antanas Gustaitis Aviation institute and holds a master's degree in aeronautics. For ten years, he has been into the theory and practice of communication, data analytics, IT, OT systems, automation and its management, intelligence and information gathering. In his spare time Tautvydas is an active participant in blood donation activities.