Marius Urkis

CSIRT/SOC Architect

Membership in professional associations

  • SIM3 auditor

Countries / regions of work experience

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Lithuania, Cyprus, Peru and Egypt.

Areas of expertise

  • SOC/CSIRT Establishment and Operations
  • National Critical Information Infrastructure Identification
  • Vulnerability and Compliance Management
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Incident Management

Mr. Marius Urkis is a senior consultant and researcher with 20 years of experience in the IT sector. At NRD Cyber Security, he leads CSIRT operations:

  • Security incident prevention;
  • Detection;
  • Triage and recovery;
  • SIEM;
  • Vulnerability and compliance management;
  • National defense intelligence solutions;
  • Counter fraud management solutions;
  • Intelligent laboratory for law enforcement and forensic investigations.

Prior to work at NRD Cyber Security, for 15 years Mr. Urkis had led CSIRT which provided services to academic research organizations. He led the establishment and management of the first CSIRT in the Baltics as well as development and deployment of incident handling related processes and deployment of security related tools. He also assisted in successful accreditation process for seven CSIRT organizations.

Publications and videos

  • Defining Lithuanian internet critical infrastructure, and its' model of monitoring, December 2012.
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