Dr. Vilius Benetis

Director of NRD Cyber Security

Membership in professional associations

  • CISA, CRISC, COBIT5(f), CSX(f)
  • Chairman of ISACA Lithuania
  • ITU-D SG2Q3, GFCE group B, CIS CSC

Countries / regions of work experience

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Iceland, Israel, Denmark, UK, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, China, Moldova, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Egypt and India.

Areas of expertise

  • CSIRT/SOCs Establishment
  • Cyber Security Resilience
  • ICT Governance & Audit
  • IT Infrastructure Architecture

Dr. Vilius Benetis specializes in incident response capability establishment (CSIRT/SOCs), public sector information security consulting, law enforcement e-crime optimization platforms, digital surveillance (OSINT), IT security automation, and telecommunications engineering and compliance management.

Vilius is also a researcher and a promoter of Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defence with twenty years of experience in IT project management, IT auditing, and IT consultancy. Vilius is also the president of ISACA Lithuania Chapter.

Dr. Benetis graduated from one of the leading universities in Lithuania Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), with BSc in Computer Science as well as MSc and PhD in Tele-traffic Engineering from Danish Technical University, and recently came back to KTU as a cybersecurity industry professor.

Publications and videos

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