NRD Cyber Security is part of FinTech community in Lithuania! FinTech – a rapidly developing field on the intersection of traditional finance and cutting-edge IT. Lithuania has put a lot of effort in building a prosperous environment for this industry and is often named as the most progressive in the EU.

Rise Vilnius has played a great role in shaping and unifying the FinTech community in our country – the hub is putting a great effort to keep the members up to date with the latest trends and most relevant news. As cyber threats go hand in hand with technology advancement, cybersecurity has been a very important topic for this industry. We are very happy to have been contributing towards strengthening cyber resilience and cybersecurity capacity building of this sector and hope many more great initiatives will be created as a result of our friendship with Rise Vilnius!

More information about FinTech industry in Lithuania can be found here: 

The map can be downloaded from here: FintTech Map