Cyber security should be treated with the same diligence as financial and reputational risk. A cyber security incident can increase your operational costs and impact your revenue. It can damage your organization’s capacity to innovate and keep customers.

Every business, however small, is a target - facing fraud, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, network compromises, employee misuse or malware.

However, many businesses tend to forget that cyber security is the responsibility of your top management, and when a security incident happens, the top management is held accountable. A false expectation persists that there is some institution in the country (be it CIRT or IT Ministry) which is responsible for cyber security, and which will protect your business if such a need arises.


Our approach

Cyber security is not a technical issue - top management of any organisation holds full responsibility of ensuring the security of its operations.

At NRD Cyber Security, we assist all types of industries to protect their critical assets. We assist in building your internal cyber security capacity, establishing a consistent process for information security risk management, incident handling if such need arises, and we also offer a number of cyber security training courses designed for end users and IT staff as well as for CEOs and managers.

Key experts

  • Dr. Vilius Benetis

    Position CEO NRD Cyber Security

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  • Darius Dulskas

    Position Director of sales and business development group

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  • Rimtautas Černiauskas

    Position Cybersecurity solution architect

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  • Marius Urkis

    Position CSIRT/SOC Architect

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  • Training

    Country Lithuania

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  • Cyber Defence Capacity Building

    Country Lithuania, Tanzania & Uganda

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  • Vulnerability assessment service for the banking sector

    Country Lithuania

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