Central Governments

Central governments around the globe are rapidly digitizing their operations and going online. At NRD Cyber Security, we believe that institutions are defined by how they use information technology and how they ensure the security of their operations.

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Intelligence and Law Enforcement

Currently most of the crimes (both real and digital) are associated with information technology evidence: mobile phones, email messages, pictures, location coordinates, SMS and similar. At NRD Cyber Security, we provide services that enable the law enforcement to keep up with the current technology and crime trends.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructures (CIs) provide resources upon which several functions of society depend. At NRD Cyber Security, we have developed a Methodology for Identification of National Critical Information Infrastructures in Lithuania, and we have experience working with critical information infrastructures in all types of industries.



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Enterprise Security

Cyber security is not a technical issue - top management of any organisation holds full responsibility of ensuring the security of its operations. Cyber security should be treated with the same diligence as financial and reputational risk. At NRD Cyber Security, we assist all types of industries to protect their critical assets.


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