Date 25-26 September 2018

Location Gynėjų str. 14, Vilnius, Lithuania

Increasing access to different data sources and data flows leads to tighter deadlines and increasing reliance on specialised analytical staff. Fast and effective data collection, information analysis and production of comprehensive reports require the use of special analytical techniques and software. Trained and equipped analysts are key to an informed decision making process.

We offer a number of analysis training courses that can be tailored to client‘s unique needs.


  • Capacity building of law enforcement agencies’ analysts and employees dealing with data and intelligence;
  • Understanding of intelligence analysis and use of analytical techniques;
  • Added value of data and information visualisation;
  • Use of specialised analytical software (IBM i2, Maltego, NUIX, MS Power BI and ect.) for effective analysis;
  • Development of presenting skills for analytical products.


  • Qualified, self-confident analysts;
  • Enhanced knowledge on intelligence analysis;
  • Increased productivity using visual analysis tools;
  • Better analytical products;
  • Decisions based on reliable analytical conclusions;
  • Analysis training certification.

Lecturer: Rūta Jašinskienė

The length of the course: 16 academic hours

Price per person: 320 Eur.

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For more information about the course, please contact Aliona Žilėnas aliona@gniniartorplt 

More information about data analytics can by provided by Rūta Jašinskienė rj@scdrnlt 


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