Date 12 March

Location Vilnius

Our IntEye R&D team Kazimieras Sadauskas and Olek Suchodolski have been shortlisted as young scientists working on a breakthrough technology. Both Kazimieras and Olek have been working in technology and OSINT fields for a while, gained a lot of knowledge and experience and recently started working on a solution which will be monitoring the network providing the user with relevant results, learning from him/her and proactively looking for relevant information. 

Although both our team members are no youngsters, it is great to see that the both stereotypes (both 'young scientist' and 'scientist') are challenged. Young scientist is described as somebody up to 40 years old, dedicated for creating breakthrough innovation in their field (not necessarily working in academia or laboratory), with the key attributes being the drive and ambition.

More about the event (in Lithuanian): http://www.lma.lt/uploads/files/Kvietimas_JMK_2019_(G)_VITP_1v.pdf 


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