Kazimieras Sadauskas

Organization NRD CS

Mr. Kazimieras Sadauskas is an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) expert with broad knowledge in OSINT gathering and analysis techniques. He provides consultancy services to public and private organizations on information gathering, information monitoring techniques as well as gives training for government and private organizations on OSINT methodologies, information analysis and information security topics.

Prior to joining NRD CS, Kazimieras gained vast experience in information gathering and analysis, strategic planning and management as a marketing expert and top-level manager in various commercial organizations. He has been working as a consultant and strategist with local and international brands and has a broad spectre of knowledge in different businesses. His portfolio includes implemented projects in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Defence and Security, Retail, Consumer goods, Automotive, Government and other sectors.

Since 2014 Kazimieras is also a member of National Defence Volunteer Forces of the Republic of Lithuania where he is working as an OSINT analyst.

Kazimieras has a unique combination of skills and knowledge gathered in private, government and inter-government organizations what allows him to understand complex tasks and effectively join and bring value as a consultant to different projects of various scope.