Date 18 October 2017

Location Vilnius, Lithuania

On 18 October 2017, NRD CS will be hosting Digital Forensics Software vendors Magnet Forensics that will introduce and demonstrate their products and explain how you can use them to increase the effectiveness of forensic tasks.


  • 09:30 – 10:00 Registration
  • 10:00 – 10:10 Welcome
  • 10:10 – 10:40 Introduction to Magnet team, Magnet story, Mission and Product Introduction
  • 10:40 – 11:40 In Depth technical demo of Magnet Axiom Process and Magnet Axiom Examine, with focus on 1.0,1.1, and new 1.2 features - Magnet AI, Connections and Cloud
  • 11:40 – 12:00 Closing remarks

Participation is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

Registration and information (until 16 October): info@nrdcs.lt or +37061544612.


More about Magnet Forensics: www.magnetforensics.com  

Seek Justice. Protect the Innocent.

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in digital investigative technology and was built on a foundation of helping and empowerment. We help investigative teams find more evidence and empower them to uncover the truth.

From the very beginning, we understood that technology was creating very real problems for law enforcement and enterprise investigative teams. Technology has brought with it new avenues for criminal behavior, an increase in information that must be examined, and more devices associated with almost every crime.

The result is case backlogs, increased demand on digital forensics labs, teams, and examiners, increased public pressure, heightened awareness of privacy and security issues. Our priority is to keep innovating to make our job easier.

Our products are designed to leverage the latest technological innovations to help law enforcement, consultants, military, and private enterprise address these issues. We use AI, automation, advanced searching techniques, modern data visualization and more to help investigative teams find digital evidence and understand the story it is telling.

Our solutions have been used in cases ranging from Child Exploitation, Counter Terrorism (the Boston Marathon Bombing), Violent Crimes, Employee Investigations, Incident Response, and more.


Thank you for your interest in this event! Please fill-out the following details to register. You registration is valid only after you receive a confirmation email from us.

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