Date 4-6 June

Location London, UK

Second year in a row we are part of InfoSecurity Europe exhibition – the event, that brings business, tech and cyber communities together to discuss and discover how best to protect companies and individuals. Our stand is once again in Doscovery Zone with number X149. Our CEO Vilius Benetis will be delivering two presentations in Talking Tactics theatre:

Tuesday, 4th of June 13.45-15.15

Topic: Building or modernising own CSIRT/SOC: practical tips

About: The presentation will centre around cybersecurity capability build-out via the establishment of governmental, sectorial and organizational Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) and Security Operation Centers (SOCs). Vilius will be providing practical tips for constructing or modernising own CSIRTs and SOCs while using NRD Cyber Security project experiences and examples from the various countries and regions around the world to illustrate.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Practical advice on building or modernising own CSIRT/SOC
  2. Real case examples based on projects implemented around the world
  3. Concept for protecting digital assets
  4. Review of a reliable and trusted single point of contact for reporting computer security incidents
  5. Intro to trusted cybersecurity networks around the world


Wednesday, 5th of June 15.15-15.45

Topic: National or sectorial cybersecurity capability build-out: capability assessments, CSIRT/SOCs, threat landscapes & CIIs

About: The session will cover cybersecurity capability build-out via cybersecurity capability assessment, establishment of cybersecurity framework, role of threat landscapes, protection of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and the establishment of governmental and sectorial Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) and Security Operation Centers (SOCs). We will be sharing real-case examples of cybersecurity capability build-out experiences in various countries and regions to illustrate what governments around the world are doing to improve cybersecurity capabilities, such as, the deployment of Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM) to assess cybersecurity maturity and have a strategic approach towards cybersecurity areas requiring attention and funding in Georgia, Lithuania and Bangladesh.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. A comprehensive overview of different methods for national and sectorial cybersecurity capability build-out
  2. Real case examples based on projects carried out in various countries around the world
  3. Intro to trusted cybersecurity networks around the world
  4. Overview of cyber threats that are most significant at national and sectorial level
  5. The presenter is a well-known researcher and contributor to the various cybersecurity methodologies in worldwide cybersecurity community


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