Date 5th September 2017

Location National Library of Latvia “Ziedona hall” on 1st floor, Mukusalas street 3, Riga

NRD Cyber Security experts are participating at Latvian Esri User Conference 2017. Step Closer to Smarter Community!, hosted by Envirotech Ltd.

At the conference, NRD Cyber Security Intelligence Analysis Expert Rūta Jašinskienė will deliver a presentation on "Geospatial analysis – one of the key elements for cohesive intelligence picture".

Description:  In the age of increasing access to different data sources and data flows as well as closer deadlines for presenting results, the demand for intelligence analysis and specialised employees – analysts – is ever growing. Analyst’s ultimate goal is to build thorough intelligence picture quickly connecting disparate data.

Nowadays developed technologies, such as IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, allow analysing data from different sources and from different perspective at the same time. The functionalities of software provides advantage of visual analysis (including geospatial analysis) and data visualisation. The presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format, as well as exposure on the map, gives better understanding of information and possibility to identify new patterns.

Analyst’s Notebook Connector for Esri contribute to organisations enriching analytical understanding capitalizing  on virtually all available data with one analytical picture that combines geospatial, association and temporal analysis;  more quickly identifying the geospatial significance of situations and events, as well as improving presentations, briefings and reports with geospatial representations of the data.

More information (in Latvian): http://www.envirotech.lv/lv/aktualitates/latvijas-esri-lietotaju-konference/


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