Date 14-17 March 2022

Location Online

NRD Cyber Security has been named as one of the ITU CoEs in Europe for the 2019-22 cycle. We will be providing training courses on cybersecurity incident management and cybersecurity team establishment. The topics and dates for the 2022 training courses have been announced and the registration is now live!

The course dives deep into CSIRT/SOC establishment practice, where combination of theory, unique experience with lessons learned, and hands-on practice give attendees a clear and actionable picture on how to build an effective cybersecurity team. This training helps to successively prepare for cybersecurity team establishment and answers the main questions raised before starting:

1. How to build an effective cybersecurity team? Overview, discussion, and practice about a mandate, governance, team and its structure, timeline, lessons learned from similar establishments, financial planning.

2. What services in addition to incident management to introduce and how? Applied mandatory and complimentary services, best international practice for services models, incident management, incident management workflows and variations.

3. What technology is behind it? Scrutiny of principal architecture for CSIRT stack, integrations and managerial (not technical) look into technologies, automation vs manual, and technology trends.

4. How to mature security services and when? Elaboration of KPIs, SLAs and related metrics, security briefings, weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly reports, analysis of examples and exercises on how to plan improvements for security services provided.

5. What is the baseline for it? Presentation of best international models measuring the maturity of cybersecurity team and its various components, advice on how to use them and how they help in operational environment.


"The provided materials are more than sufficient for a minimal SOC formation including budget presentation to the board, abilities to operate and present what is necessary, discussions with third party vendors."

"The information which was provided during the training was up-to-date and the lecturer was very precise and professional."

More details are available on: training outline

If you require any further information, please contact us at: itucoe@nrdcs.lt


  • Vilius Benetis

    Organization NRD Cyber Security

    Dr. Vilius Benetis is NRD Cyber Security CEO and specializes in incident response capability establishment (CSIRT/SOCs), public sector information security consulting, law enforcement e-crime optimization platforms, digital surveillance (OSINT), IT security automation, and telecommunications engineering and compliance management.


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