Date 30th of April

Location Zagreb, Croatia

Our long-standing partner in forensics field INsig2 are organizing an international conference on digital forensics and digital evidence.

DataFocus 2019 is divided in three tracks:
•  Legal track– presentations delivered by practitioners and consultants on legal aspects of collecting, processing and presenting digital evidences in criminal and administrative proceedings
•  Investigation track – presentations delivered by practitioners and consultants on technical aspects of finding, preserving and processing digital evidences.
•  Technical track – presentations delivered by exhibitors, presenting and demonstrating newest products, services and trends in digital forensic field.

Our intelligence analysis expert Rūta Jašinskienė will deliver a presentation on the intelligence analysis cycle and its impact on effective investigation 'How not to get lost in the data jungle?'.

More information: https://www.insig2.eu/data-focus2018-f22 


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