Date 5th & 8th of March 2018

Location Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia

The CEO of NRD Cyber Security Dr Vilius Benetis will speak at our partner INsig2 event DataFocus, taking place in March in two cities - Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia. He will talk about Cybersecurity infrastructure of a modern country.

DataFocus is an international conference, that has been successfully organized by INsig2, every year since 2012, and attended by more than 200 participants each year, from the whole world. DataFocus is all about exchanging experiences. The event brings together law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, judges, court expert witnesses and let them talk about their experiences with digital evidence and digital forensic investigations.

This one-day conference is organized in three tracks. Legal track aimed for lawyers dealing with digital evidences in criminal cases and investigators track aimed for police investigators who are involved in digital investigations on daily basis. Third, technical track is aimed for all participants interested in the newest digital forensics technological trends and achievements.

A big and important part of DataFocus is exhibition where INsig2 technology partners present their product portfolio.

The event is free of charge for all participants.

More information: https://www.insig2.eu/about-datafocus-f22-57


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