Date 25 October 2013

Location Vilnius, Lithuania

International NRD Cyber Security team organised the first cyber security conference of such kind in Lithuania - Cyber Defence Lithuania 2013.

Conference video:

European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) had announced October 2013 to be the first fully-fledged European Cyber Security Month. In celebration of this occasion, cyber security advocacy, educational and good practice sharing events took place all across Europe. On the 25th of October more than 100 IT security professionals attended "Cyber Defence Lithuania 2013" conference in Vilnius in order to encourage public awareness of cyber security issues in Lithuania and improve their preparedness to defend against cyber attacks.

The conference was organised by international NRD Cyber Security Team. Mr Sebastian Marondo, CEO of Norway Registers Development East Africa Ltd., was one of the guest speakers at the event. He introduced the participants to the framework of Critical Controls for Effective Cyber Defence.

Cyber Defence Lithuania 2013 was attended by presenters from Poland, Hungary, East Africa and Lithuania. They reviewed the trends of cyber security, introduced effective, prioritised guidelines for cyber security governance, based on defence experience of the NSA, US Cert, Department of State, DoD Cyber Crime Center and others ("Critical Security Controls"), and demonstrate technologies for risk management, log analysis and remote access monitoring, to mention a few. Cyber-attack simulation was broadcasted from Brussels, showcasing 3 different types of attacks, both from the hacker side and from the security team member side. Ways to defend against such attacks were explained. During the practice session - incident communication simulation - participants were taught to respond appropriately to cyber security incidents. Think-tanks and informal meetings were also an integral part of the conference. Their purpose was to strengthen cyber security on both organisational and national levels by developing a community of IT professionals from business, science and public sectors.

As a part of the conference, the team also facilitated an informal, voluntary Cyber Security Experts' Forum (KSEF) Meeting, organised by the Communications Regulatory Authority. According to the organisers, it has been decided to do both events under one roof in order to encourage public and private sector cooperation in creating a safer digital space in Lithuania. KSEF participants shared expert views on Cyber Security realities in the EU context.







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