Date 25th of may 2022

Location Virtual space (Zoom Webinar)

During our virtual conference we will discuss about SOC trends, the importance and impact of detailed flow analysis and event correlation using SOC technology – „CollectiveSight“. You will see a demonstration session - what threat detection looks like in practice.

As every year we will have a guest at the conference, who will talk about the role of SOC in the organisation and the significance of it from different perspectives.

The conference is free of charge, and will be delivered in Lithuanian. More information about the conference can be found here.


  • Dr. Vilius Benetis

    Organization NRD Cyber Security

    Dr. Vilius Benetis is NRD Cyber Security CEO and specializes in incident response capability establishment (CSIRT/SOCs), public sector information security consulting, law enforcement e-crime optimization platforms, digital surveillance (OSINT), IT security automation, and telecommunications engineering and compliance management.

  • Rimtautas Černiauskas

    Organization NRD Cyber Security

    Mr. Rimtautas Černiauskas has more than 26 years of experience in the field of information technology. Prior to joining NRD Cyber Security Mr. Černiauskas was the Head of National Cyber Security Center of Lithuania.

  • Giedrius Trukšinas

    Organization Šiaulių Bankas

    Mr. Giedrius Trukšinas is head of IT division at Šiaulių Bankas.

  • Rokas Žebrauskis

    Organization NRD Cyber Security

    Mr. Rokas Žebrauskis is NRD Cyber Security analyst.


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